Our Philosophy

Welcome to EnRich Gymnastics Program:

Be a part of the toughest sport in the world!!!!  Gymnastics uses strength, flexibility, advanced gross motor skills, and hand/eye coordination.  Whether gymnastics is your main sport, or one of many; gymnastics will make you a better athlete on any field.

Our philosophy at EnRich Gymnastics and Dance Academy, is to be a positive service to the children of our community.  We use gymnastics/dance to teach the priceless life lessons of Discipline, Focus, Commitment, Perseverance, and Goal-setting.  Our students also learn faith-based principles of Integrity, Humility, Kindness, Tolerance, and Compassion.  EnRich cares.

Whether you are beginning, or on the USA Junior National Team, EnRich Gymnastics is able to help you reach your full potential.