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Bring in The New Year Camp

January 2nd-5th 9am - 3pm

$157 for the week

$127 each additional child


*Classes Will Resume January 2nd*


For more details, call us 832-759-6410

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New! Theatre Class

Do you love Theatre Arts?  

We have a class for you!


This class is a general survey of Theatre including the exploration of dramatic literature, theory and criticism; production arts, skills, and crafts; and theatre history. It is designed to provide an overview of theatrical elements, tools and applications. The goal is to encourage understanding and enjoyment of theatre. Class activities will encourage students to move beyond reading to an active participation in the learning process through individual research presentations and class discussions. Each child will begin to implement learned skills and execute theatrical performances. 

This is a coed class.

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Homeschool Classes

Avoid traffic and crowds, take your class in the morning!

Take advantage of your time flexibility!  If you have a homeschool kid who wants to take classes in the morning or before 3pm, either gymnastics or dance, please call us to ask about our options or wait listed classes.  We can create a class as long as we have at least 3 kids interested on taking it.