Welcome to EnRich Gymnastics Program

Be a part of the toughest sport in the world!!!!  Gymnastics uses strength, flexibility, advanced gross motor skills, and hand/eye coordination.  Whether gymnastics is your main sport, or one of many; gymnastics will make you a better athlete on any field.

Our philosophy at EnRich Gymnastics and Dance Academy, is to be a positive service to the children of our community.  We use gymnastics/dance to teach the priceless life lessons of Discipline, Focus, Commitment, Perseverance, and Goal-setting.  Our students also learn faith-based principles of Integrity, Humility, Kindness, Tolerance, and Compassion.  EnRich cares.

Whether you are beginning, or on the USA Junior National Team, EnRich Gymnastics is able to help you reach your full potential.


EnRich Preschool Program:

We provide your little gymnast with fundamental gymnastics movements that develop and improve gross motor skills all while enjoying a safe, fun, nurturing, and creative environment. 

  • Parent and Me (18 mo. to 2 1/2 years old)- Enjoy your child's first experience with gymnastics first hand!  Your little gymnast will discover a new world of flipping, swinging, jumping, and climbing all in the name of fun.  We emphasize development of listening skills, body awareness, and gross motor skills.
  • Penguins (2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years old *Must be potty trained)- Our Penguins learn the joys of cooperative play in a fun and creative way.  We use gymnastics as preparation for your child's first school experience.  Usually, this is your child's first activity without a parent (No worries, parents, there will be plenty of kleenex in our beautiful lobby for you!! :) ).
  • Ducks (3 to 4 1/2 years old *Must be potty trained)- A child gets their wings!  Once your little gymnast has refined listening skills, our Ducks focus on aspects of independence.  Watch them tackle each individual station and soar to new heights.
  • Cockatoos (3 to 5 years old)-  Cockatoos are our most advanced little gymnast.  Watch them accomplish amazing feats and do the impossible!  It is in this level that our gymnast master and refine their basic gymnastics skills.



EnRich Girls Recreational Gymnastics

 Our goal is to reach your child's full potential in gymnastic.  We provide a safe, fun, and positive environment for your gymnast to learn and grow in the sport we love.  Your child will receive some of the best training in the country whether just beginning or Olympic hopeful.

  • Flamingos (5 1/2 to 9 years old)-  Flamingos learn entry-level gymnastics on the 4 Olympic events and trampoline.  Watch your gymnast improve balance, flexibility, and strength while also acquiring confidence and self-esteem.
  • Swans (7 to 12 years old)-  Our Swans float through basic skills with majesty and grace.  Observe as your athlete learns more advanced skills with golden dreams.
  • Owls (9 to 18 years old)-  Owls are our most advanced group, showcasing their skills with mastery and perfection.  Our wise Owls learn very advanced skills on the 4 Olympic events and trampoline. 



EnRich Boys Recreational Gymnastics 

Our goal is to reach your child's full potential in gymnastics.  We provide a safe, fun, and positive environment for your gymnast to learn and grow in the sport we love.  Your child will receive some of the best training in the country; whether just beginning or Olympic hopeful.

  • Hawks (5 1/2 to 9 years old)- Watch your Hawk find focus while learning basic gymnastics skills on the six Olympic events and trampoline.  Just like a Hawk, your child will become stronger, quicker, and more agile (He may even learn to fly!).
  • Falcons (7 to 12 years old)-  Our Falcons master the basics while incorporating more advanced and intricate skills.  Flips and twists abound!
  • Eagles (9 to 18 years old)-  Be ready...  Our Eagles fly high, observe the amazing skills of these incredible athletes.


EnRich Tumbling Program:

Whether you are a competitive cheerleader or you just like to tumble, EnRich tumbling is for you!  Come and learn from Nationally recognized coaches and get great techniques in a progressive/safe environment.  Our state-of-the-art facility is over equipped to suit your needs and our curriculum is focused on building strong foundations to prevent injuries.


  • Tumble 1( 5 to 11 years old)-  Learn basic tumbling skills rolls, handstands, and cartwheels.  Use trampolines, foam pits, and rod floors to refine basic skills.
  • Tumble 2 (7 to 18 years old)-  In this level we will master basics, and begin the progressions of Back Handspring/Flip-Flops.
  • Tumble 3 (7 to 18 years old)-  Athlete must have a Back Handspring by self on hard surface.  Here we learn multiple Back Handsprings, Back Tucks, and Twisting.


Flip Flop / Aerial Shop: 

 Sometimes a few extra turns is all you need to get that Flip Flop/Aerial.  Get extra work on those hard to get skills!! 

 TBD - please call to inquire on the next session.


Homeschool Classes:

Avoid traffic and crowds, take your class in the morning!   Take advantage of your time flexibility!  If you have a homeschool kid who wants to take classes in the morning or before 3pm, either gymnastics or dance, please call us to ask about our options or wait listed classes.  We can create a class as long as we have at least 3 kids interested on taking it. 


Boys and Girls Competitive Teams:


  • Developmental Team
  • Level 4
  • Level 5/6
  • Level 7
  • Optionals


  • Developmental Team
  • Level 1/2 Bronze
  • Level 3/4 Silver
  • Level 5 Gold
  • Platinum

Call us for more details.


Free Trial Policy for Recreational Classes:

For New Customers, we offer 1 free trial class per child per Program (either Gymnastics or Dance).   

Current members can try a free class on a different program but not within the same program.   If they want to try a class within the same program they can use a makeup credit, or transfer to the class, or observe the class, or pay for an individual class.


Prices for Recreational Classes:

These prices are for regular recreational classes (non-competitive teams). We offer two options for payment:

Auto Draft

Best option, best value, most savings!  Conveniently auto-draft your payments with a credit card and save up to $5 per month, per class!

  • Discounted Rate: One class a week $90/month.
  • Discounted Rate: Two or more classes Gymnastics or Dance for only $76.50/month per class.

Manual Payment

For monthly credit card swipe or check.

  • One class a week $95/month.
  • Two or more classes Gymnastics or Dance for only $80.75/month per class.

Annual Registration Fee (charged on your anniversary date) $40 per student, $70 maximum per family.


Payment Policies Classes:  

  • Payment is due on the 1st day of the month.
  • Class invoices are emailed on the 28th day of the month for the next month.  
  • Auto-draft credit cards are charged on the 3rd of the month.
  • In order to keep the $5 monthly discount, a valid credit card must be kept on file.  If the payment fails to come through by the 10th of the month, you will be charged the regular payment amount instead of the auto draft discounted amount.
  • A $10 late fee is applied on the 11th of the month to all accounts with past due amounts.

Make-up Policies for Recreational Classes:  

  • If you miss a class, you will receive a make up credit on your account.  
  • You can use your makeup credit up to 90 days after the missed class.  Please call to schedule your make up class to ensure availability on the class date and time.  
  • You may also use your make up credits towards events such as Open Gym, PNOs, and Day Camp.    Please call to enroll into an event with make up credits.
    • One make up credit for Open Gym.
    • Two make up credits for PNO.
    • Three make up credits for Day Camp.

Membership Agreement for Recreational Classes:  

  • We require a 30-day written notice to drop a class.
  • An annual registration fee is charged when you initially become a member and will continue every 12 months.
  • Classes are offered on a month-to-month basis and are year-round (meaning they don't stop during the summer).
  • You may transfer classes at any time as long as the class is open and the child meets the class requirements.