Jana Brown's CenterStage Dance Company


The Competitive Company

EnRich is the new home of Jana Brown's Centerstage Dance Company.  With this new venture, Jana and Marcus will be able to bring more opportunities, training techniques,  and a better environment for these talented dancers.  Since 2007, Jana Brown's Centerstage dancers have worked hard to make their Company a known name in the local and national dance scene.  Dancers have also soared on philanthropical levels, by producing shows and fundraising.  In 2016, Jana Brown's Centerstage Dancers show "Dance Hope Cure" raised over $25,000 for childhood cancer. 

Our competitive dance company is geared toward students aged five through high school, who are interested in a challenging dance atmosphere and more performance opportunities. Our faculty members personally select our competitive company dancers based on their technique, dedication, desire, talent, and good behavior.  Subsequently, these students are leveled into the competitive company through a thorough and formal evaluation given by our staff and adjudicated by outside dance professionals. Company students are introduced to all styles of dance from ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary to modern, hip-hop and lyrical. Our competitive company focuses on developing a good, solid technical foundation with an emphasis on ballet.  

Company Training 

Dancers who join the competitive company are focused on investing a lot of hours in the company, and know it’s competitive. Dancers of this competitive company are required to train from 2 hours - 15 hours per week depending on their age, level, and desire.  Competitive company dancers are also encouraged to enroll in other styles as well. We believe in training our company dancers with the hope and intent of a professional career and pride ourselves on developing well - rounded dancers who can adjust to any style in an audition or classroom setting. We take careful caution that our competitive dancers do not overstress their bodies, always promoting injury prevention in young dancers.


Company Competitions 

Our company dancers perform innovative, age - appropriate choreography costumed for a family friendly audience. For those looking to go beyond the local community venues, company dancers can compete in national and international events every year. Centerstage competitive company dancers have won many scholarships to intensives in New York and Los Angeles.  


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